BG Products

BG ProductsAt Full Circle Tire & Auto we are proud to use only the finest products when we service vehicles and in the automotive industry, that means using BG Products. Since 1971, BG has been creating and distributing the highest quality products to protect and maintain vehicles year after year.

We want to build a lifelong relationship with our customers. We are not another auto shop that finds ways to skimp on products in order to make more money. Full Circle Tire & Auto is a family-owned business and we strive to treat every customer that walks through our doors with the care and attention they deserve. That’s why we use BG products.

BG has continued to put its focus on constantly evolving and improving its products. As automotive technology has grown through the years, BG always stays ahead of the pack with thorough research and top of the line ingredients.

Not only is BG committed to creating the best possible products, but they are also dedicated to protecting our environment. Their product research includes looking at how each step and product will affect the environment and coming up with ways to make that impact as small as possible.

To us, the right product is the foundation for maintaining the integrity of your vehicle and extending its lifespan. When you come in for an oil change or service, you know you can trust the products we are using in your car because they are what we use in our own vehicles.

Full Circle Tire & Auto is committed to providing the best auto repair and maintenance services in Bel Air, MD, and that starts with our expertise and the products we use. Whether it is time for an oil change or you need engine repair, come see us or schedule an appointment today and see what a difference using BG makes.