Brake Repair & Service

It does not matter what kind of vehicle you drive or how long your commute – when you cannot stop safely, nothing else really matters. Receiving a regular brake service in Harford MD by Full Circle Tire & Auto is the best thing you could do to maintain your safety when driving. You rely on your vehicle to keep you safe, but if your brake line is leaking or your brake pads need replacing, you are putting yourself and your passengers at risk.

At Full Circle Tire & Auto, we are dedicated to the safety of every driver in Harford and Bel Air, MD. We know what it takes to make the necessary brake repairs, and we have the diagnostic equipment needed to pinpoint even the most perplexing problems.

Harford Brake Repair & Service for All Makes and Models

At Full Circle Tire & Auto, we service all makes and models. Whether you drive a brand-new sports car, an antique pickup truck or a sturdy SUV, we have the expertise and the experience needed to fix your brakes the right way.

And with decades of years of experience, we have seen all the changes in braking technology. From drum and disc brakes to sophisticated ABS brakes, we have repaired them all.

Disc and Drum Brakes

If your vehicle is an older model, it may be equipped with disc or drum brakes. These braking systems are widely used, and they are found in dozens of the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs.

Disc and drum brakes use a variety of sophisticated components, all working together to bring your vehicle to a safe and reliable stop. Disc and drum brakes rely on friction to slow and then stop your car, and when a component is worn or damaged, that ability to stop is compromised.

At Full Circle Tire & Auto, we have experience repairing all kinds of disc and drum braking systems. You can rely on us for the diagnosis you need, and once we pinpoint the problem, we will work hard to set things right, so you can hit the road in safety.

Diagnosis for Brake Noises

Do your brakes squeal when the road is wet? Do you hear a strange noise when you step on the brake? Is there a whistling sound coming from the wheels when you step on the pedal?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is time to bring your vehicle in for service. Those unusual noises are trying to tell you something, and you cannot afford to put it off.

When you bring your vehicle to Full Circle Tire & Auto, we will start with a definitive diagnosis. Once we know what the problem is, our experienced and industry certified technicians will begin the repairs, so you can drive away safely.

Service for Anti-Lock Brakes

If your vehicle is equipped with anti-lock brakes, you cannot trust their maintenance to just anyone. Anti-lock brakes rely on a sophisticated network of sensors and computerized systems to prevent the wheels from locking and help you maintain control on wet and icy roadways.

If there is a problem with one of those sensors, the ABS light on the dashboard will illuminate. When that happens, you cannot afford to wait, so bring your vehicle to Full Circle Tire & Auto for the diagnosis and repairs you need. We are proud to offer the best brake repair in Harford.