Classic Car Service & Repair

Nothing beats a classic car, especially if you’re old enough to remember when the make and model you own first came out. Some people still drive the car they bought decades earlier; others collect classic cars because that’s their passion. Behind every classic car is a story and a whole lot of love, which is why Full Circle Tire & Auto services and maintains classic automobiles. We have a passion for them just as you do.

Classic Car Service

If you’re a collector who wants everything as original as possible, you have a vehicle that needs frequent servicing. In fact, most classic automobiles need frequent servicing, and the reason why is simple: These cars are old and have miles on them. Even if they have been taken care of over the years, they still need a lot of TLC to make sure nothing goes wrong. Many factors play into classic car maintenance, including

  • Age
  • Total mileage
  • Drivability
  • Storage
  • Original vs. rebuilt parts

If you plan to keep your classic car stored in an enclosed garage and only take it out occasionally, your vehicle will require less maintenance than a classic you plan to drive often. Classic cars were not built to drive in today’s driving conditions, i.e. long distances, stop-and-go traffic, and hot outdoor temperatures. As such, they require special maintenance to keep them in good driving condition.

Classic Car Repair

Classic cars also require regular repairs but it’s not their fault. These vehicles are often left parked somewhere and have succumbed to critters and the elements. They frequently have electrical problems, such as chewed through or frayed wiring; rust from years moisture; fuel system trouble because they aren’t designed for today’s gasoline mixtures; oil leaks; corroded cooling systems; brakes.

Full Circle Tire & Auto also repairs classic cars. We have worked on older automobiles for years and we bring vast experience to your classic car problems. Whether we can fix the problem using original parts that are still available or must rebuild a system, we’ve got you and your classic car covered. We haven’t found a problem yet that we can’t fix, so rest assured you can count on us for your classic car repairs.

Bring your classic automobile into Full Circle Tire & Auto. We’d love to see it even if it doesn’t need maintenance or repair. Our shop is located in Bel Air, MD, and you can reach us by telephone today. You needn’t go anywhere else for classic car service and repair.