Pre-Purchase Inspection

The car buying process can be stressful. Are you getting the best deal? Is the seller being honest about the condition of the vehicle? Are you going to invest in a new vehicle only to get it home and find out you have been stuck with a lemon? At Full Circle Tire & Auto we want to help you buy with peace of mind by offering you a pre-purchase inspection.

Why Get a Pre-Purchase  Inspection?

With our pre-purchase inspection, you will know exactly what you are getting into before you sign on the dotted line. Our certified master mechanics know what to look for and will see to it that you are able to ultimately make the right decision whether that means buying the car or letting it go.

Most experienced car buyers will tell you how important it is to have a used vehicle checked out by a third party before you buy. Taking this extra step will save you a lot of stress and money in the long run. At Full Circle Tire & Auto, we want to protect our customers from making an ill-informed vehicle purchase.

What happens during a pre-purchase inspection?

So now you know how important it is to have a car inspected before you buy it, but what exactly does it entail? When we perform a pre-purchase inspection we are looking at the overall integrity of the vehicle and checking to make sure it meets safety standards.

Hidden Damage

By the time you get to the inspection, you have probably already done your homework and researched your potential vehicle. Chances are you have already obtained a CarFax report from the seller or independently. That is great, but sometimes damage goes undocumented and you may be unaware of a previous accident that the car was involved in.

That’s where we come in. A thorough inspection by our certified mechanics will reveal any hidden damage in the vehicle whether it is structural or otherwise.

Vehicle Condition

The term “used” is very broad especially when it comes to vehicles. Has the car been maintained through the years? Was it driven by a commuter or someone who just used it to drop off kids and run to the store?

When we inspect the vehicle we will inspect the overall condition, beyond looking at the miles and kicking the tires. We will take a look at all the major components including the engine, radiator, etc, to make sure that there are no issues that may give you problems down the road.

Before you make your next car purchase, make sure to call the team at Full Circle Tire & Auto to schedule a pre-purchase inspection.