Preventive Maintenance & Oil Changes

Proper preventative maintenance is the key to a healthy, safe vehicle. Every car owner should ensure that they’re getting preventative maintenance on a regular basis to be certain that their vehicle is operating safely and efficiently. Not only does preventative maintenance keep your vehicle running great, but it’s also important to help you avoid potentially dangerous and expensive repairs. At Full Circle Tire & Auto, we offer a range of preventative maintenance services at a great price.

Oil Change Bel Air, MD

The oil in your engine is essential to keeping all the moving parts running smoothly. When the oil becomes dirty or the filter gets clogged, it can cause your engine to overheat and possibly cause serious damage. Get your oil changed on a regular basis to keep everything operating the way it should. We proudly provide our customers with the highest quality lubricants and oils from BG products. They’re a leader in the industry and manufacture quality motor oil, transmission fluids, and much more.

Preventative maintenance is more than just oil changes. It also includes regular inspections of the brakes, batteries, and tires, too. Our skilled technicians can perform wheel alignments to help you save your tire tread and give you better control over your vehicle. We can also check all your belts and hoses for any wear or damage and replace them as needed. Brake inspections are an essential part of good vehicle maintenance, so be sure to request your brake inspection whenever you come to get your oil changed. We can easily identify problems before they get out of control to keep you safe on the road.

Regular vehicle maintenance is the key to good car care. Schedule an appointment with us on a regular basis so you can keep your car in top condition. Have your tire pressure checked, your electrical system checked, and your fluid levels checked regularly whenever possible. Thanks to over 30 years of experience, we can easily help you identify any potential red flags and perform any kind of maintenance services you need. Get all of your filters changed regularly and have fluid levels inspected to ensure that your engine is getting the cooling and lubrication it needs to operate safely. Thanks to our oil change and preventative maintenance services, you’ll be able to consistently drive in confidence.

For all your car’s needs from tires to maintenance and repairs, visit Full Circle Tire & Auto in Bel Air, MD, or give us a call to schedule an appointment today!